“It’s not just a game”

Local couple Lee & Donna from Preston have agreed to take a break after a heated argument got out of control.

The argument coincided with Preston losing to Arsenal in the FA Cup on Saturday afternoon. “After the match Lee was late home from the match. He’d had stopped with a couple of mates for a drink” explained Donna.

“When he got home, I tried to console him, and told him it was just a game, and not to worry” she continued, “and he just went mad, and stormed off.”

Lee, who is staying indefinitely at his Mum’s house, comments “It’s not just a game, it’s more than that. If she can’t see that, we’ve got some serious problems.”

“Lee has always been a passionate boy, his Father was the same” adds his Mum, “if she hasn’t learnt that by now, it’s over. I knew she wasn’t the right one for him all along.”

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