I Belong in the Gym

After only 4 visits to his new Gym, born again sportsman Jay Nelson, has decided gym membership is not only the way forward with health and fitness, but also a possible career path.

“I was a bit worried about joining the gym at the beginning of the year” says Nelson, “I’ve never really been that sporty, unless you count the Wii, so putting on tight clothes and mixing with healthy motivated people was really daunting.”

“I had nothing to fear” he continues “Everyone is friendly, the exercise isn’t as hard as I thought, and people are positive & encouraging – It’s the kind of place I think I would like to work.”

“After my induction program with Sophie I reckon I’ve got this fitness malarkey taped” Jay adds, ” I think I’ll send in my application next week, I suspect I’ll be in a managerial position by Easter”

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