Your life just isn’t interesting

The media just don’t think you’re interesting enough.

Under the guise of “New Year – New Programming” television bosses are blatantly pedaling out more reality drivel to fill the empty void left since the end of the X-Factor, BBC Strictly, Bake Off, and I’m a Celebrity.

“We only have to look at viewing figures to see how boring your lives are”, comments one BBC executive, “It’s money for old rope really. 12 million people tuning in to watch a millionaire give someone a job!? You’ve clearly got nothing better to do.”

“We just turn on the camera, and watch what happens. We don’t have to write scripts, employ a make-up & wardrobe team, or anything.” adds an ITV employee, “We’ve just got to dangle the carrot of a record contract, and let these deluded misfits crawl out of the woodwork, and you guys lap it up”

“We’re going to push the boundaries this year, with even more crap reality television. Just watch this space”

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