Young people not desperate enough to buy houses

A recent study has shown that young people are desperate to own their own homes, but not desperate enough to stop buying new cars and taking more than one holiday a year, to start saving.

Office junior, Kelly Outram explains “Being a youngster today is a lot harder than you think, we’ve got Facebook pages we got to keep updated with interesting activities, and travels. I’ve got to take 3 holidays a year, and show off my new wardrobe for each of them, just to show Sarah Newton that I used to go to school with that my life is more interesting than hers.”

Kelly’s boyfriend, Ryan, adds “It was much easier in our parent’s day; you didn’t have to buy iPhones & iPads, or consoles & massive TV’s.”

“There was nothing to spend your money, except buying a house – that’s how easy it was for you”

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