Animals sick of Christmas already

Animals are calling for the ritual humiliation of Christmas to stop.

Speaking earlier family Labrador Clive commented “I’m all for having a laugh at Christmas, and joining in with you humans is fun – we love putting on silly jumpers, and Santa hats or novelty antlers, but lets just keep it for the house, and only on Christmas day itself”

“With 7 dog years equal to 1 human year, it makes a week in human years the equivalent of nearly 2 months to us. Put a Christmas jumper on us a week before the day, and it’s like you’ve just dressed us up for December in October.”

“Which ever way you look at it, it’s just wrong”

Clive continues “If it isn’t bad enough that the timing of when you dress us up is misjudged, you think it’s OK to shame us by parading us in public, or via status updates for strangers around the world to comment on. Enough is enough”

“Don’t be surprised if I eat your presents, and crap in your slippers this weekend”

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