Darts – It’s not what you think

Contrary to popular belief, darts is not a sport for slobs, it’s a highly skilled form of indoor javelin, argues one top player.

Phil “The Duke” Van Barneveld, justifying the 12 hours a day he spends in his local pub says “Darts is a vigorous physical and mental workout.”

“A lot of people just assume that it is a club for fat sweaty men, in shiny shirts. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Like Olympians, we’ve made sacrifices. Not the early morning kinds like the runners & swimmers, but years of late nights in pubs – it takes it toll.”

“Like all top sports professionals, we have to be careful what we eat. We have calorie controlled diets, and strict regimes. You don’t rise to the top of a sport like Darts eating salads, and lean meat. Do you realize how much of that crap you would have to eat to get the 5000 calories a day we require, you can only achieve that with a combination of beer and pastries”

“If anyone thinks it’s easy, I would challenge them to try it.” The Duke continues, “You try spending 11 hours drinking, and then mentally working out 241-119, before throwing three arrows at treble 20, double 15 and checking out on double 16. It’s not as easy as you might think”

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