Man who can’t grow proper beard colors gaps in with pen

Office worker, Nigel Hurst, has admitted his beard is not naturally as hirsute as he would have liked it to appear.

“It started off as a bit of fun with some of the lads at football, to see who could grow the bushiest beard. How was I to know it would turn out like this?”

“In the first week of growth I was imaging it would blossom into a thick soft, even beard, possibly with a bit of grey like George Clooney’s”, says Hurst, “the reality was patchy, straggly and ginger.”

“Rather than look like a disease ridden tramp, It was then that I made the decision to fill in the gaps with a pen”

“It took me ages to find the right colour, luckily my daughter has a massive felt tip collection, how could I not find the right match with 250 pens to choose from.”

“I think I managed to get away with it, although I’ve been close to being found out a couple of times with the wet weather we have been having recently.”

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